The Seminar "From Frustration to Celebration"

It is a three day seminar with the worksheets.

  * On the first day I explain why everything is possible, how we can achieve what we want (video is 23 minutes 27 seconds).

  * Second day I'm sharing how to overcome challenges that you come across on the way to success, how to do visualisation, how to use empowering questions (video is 21 minutes 26 seconds).

  * Third day I'm giving tips how to change the habits, how to increase productivity, how to plan your day and why it is important to celebrate small and big achievements (video is 22 minutes 27 seconds).

After payment, you will get access to the seminar into your email.
If you will have any questions you will be able to use 30 min. FREE consultation.

Payment £7.99

1. Bank transfer: 

      Sort Code: 20-67-40;  Account Number: 43849627;  R Grineviciene 


Please note: after payment contact me to receive the seminar.


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