I participated in a program that took me out of my comfort zone and had to commit to my goals not only to myself, but also to other participants of the project. I did great, I am proud of myself, I learned a lot of new things, most important I learned to plan and look at goals differently. It gave me self confidence, I feel stronger and I can continue to work with myself on my own. Thank you Rita for the "Simple Stunning Success" program. - Kristina Jukne


Wow, the session with Rita was deep and intense. I had never experienced time line therapy before and didn't really know what to expect. Rita was patient, explained everything and it was amazing to feel the negative emotions dissolve away. I can totally recommend Rita and timeline therapy. - Lucy Tobias


I am very happy to meet Rita.🤗🌸🌼
She helped with my emotions.( time line therapy)
I was struggling with my goals as well.
But she gave perfect advice, and had weekly calls.
I still use her methods until now.
I highly recommend Rita 🤗

Taura Z.


"I got to know Rita 1.5 years ago, through Facebook.  I've never been too much confident in myself. When I've started my own business, I needed  help and motivation. I did not know what to start, how to focus on goals and how to achieve them, it's known to grow up and depression, constant stress and worry.

I decided to take part in several Rita’s programs, which helped me concentrate on my goals. Every week I was writing my plans and tried to implement it. With Rita's support and therapies, I finally began to feel more confident and brighter future. When I was facing the challenges,  Rita always advised and helped to overcome my doubts or limiting beliefs.

My business is growing every single day. I have done already my training program, which I would never even thought about it.

I will be always grateful to Rita, because she is not only a kind person, but also she truly helps others! So, thank you to her and hope that our friendship will last a long time. - E.R. "