Isn’t that what we all desire?

But what we get instead?

  • Stress, burnout, anxiety

  • Feeling “I’m not good enough” and doubting yourself

  • Lack of respect and conflicts at work

  • Pleasing others, because you are scared to say your truth

  • Feeling tired and without energy to spend quality time with the family.

  • Working long hours and not being appreciated by the company, colleagues, family.

  • Never being able to find the time for yourself because too busy looking after others.


Can you relate to any of them? 

If YES, I totally feel you, because I was there too.


I have been a registered nurse for 15 years. 

In those years I had a lot stress and anxiety and you probably are able to relate. I experienced burnout and I was hating my job. I felt the lack of respect and experienced conflicts in the team and much more.

No fulfilment 

No joy

But let me tell you... it doesn't have to be like that.

For the last couple of years I started to study personal development. 

I have completed an NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) course and today I am an NLP coach. 

The techniques which I learned helped me a lot to grow as a person, understand others, manage different situations and most importantly enjoy my everyday life.

That’s why I created this 5 days course to share with you everything that helped me to step up into My Better Version.

Do you want to know:

 - More about yourself, self care,

 - How to believe and trust yourself,

 - How to understand others,

 - How to manage conflicts in the team,

 - How to be productive,

 - How to manage stress and anxiety

YES! I am ready!

£ 50 


In this course

 - You will learn techniques that will help you to believe in yourself, 

 - You will learn about responsibility, goals, happiness.

 - You will set your priorities in your life.

 - You will learn how to understand others and manage conflicts.

 - You will master techniques to manage your time and be more productive. 

     Also, I prepared some BONUSES for you to get most of this program:

  1. You will get my book “Empowering Questions” for free
  2. You will receive my video on how to do visualisation
  3. For all week you will have my personal mentoring 
  4. And Pdf file packed full of techniques that you can use long after the course is finished.

   THE QUESTION is: Are you ready to change to “YOUR BETTER VERSION”? 


  Every day you will receive the video with the worksheet and if you will have      questions we will talk deeply about your situation. 

   Investment ONLY £50

YES! I am ready!

£ 50 

I would like to write about the program ,,Your better version".

It's was absolutely amazing, inspirational learning experience and most importantly I learned about myself. Rita gave methods about what is important in your life, priorities and balance in your environment ( workplace) . She helped me how to control stress and negative emotions and how to become a leader at work or business. I really recommend this course for everyone, because definitely you will find something what you need. Thank you Rita and I hope this program helps for more people and other companies too. - Taura Žemaitienė

"I got to know Rita 1.5 years ago, through Facebook.  I've never been too much confident in myself. When I've started my own business, I needed  help and motivation. I did not know what to start, how to focus on goals and how to achieve them, it's known to grow up and depression, constant stress and worry.

I decided to take part in several Rita’s programs, which helped me concentrate on my goals. Every week I was writing my plans and tried to implement it. With Rita's support and therapies, I finally began to feel more confident and brighter future. When I was facing the challenges,  Rita always advised and helped to overcome my doubts or limiting beliefs.

My business is growing every single day. I have done already my training program, which I would never even thought about it.

I will be always grateful to Rita, because she is not only a kind person, but also she truly helps others! So, thank you to her and hope that our friendship will last a long time. - E.R. "

I like to work with you as you are the most patient and caring person I know and outside of work I can truly call you a friend you are always there to listen and you never judge you are a person who gives so much better to society without being asked to your a little angel.


 I love working with you coz you all got the nurse attitude professionally. 

Your being very patient, understanding and so cool in dealing with the problems makes our shifts lighter. 

A very caring not only to the residents but towards the colleague as well.


I love working with you because you are very exceptional at your job. 

You are really understanding of the needs and wants of the colleagues. Your presence emits positivity in the room, which transfers to the colleagues, creating a positive working environment. 

Not only you are very professional, you can also transition into a friend whenever necessary who is very good at listening, and very empathetic. 

You really know how to transport yourself into someone else’s world and can re-enter her own comfortably, whilst providing helpful advices that ultimately contributes to increased productivity.


I love working with you because you are very professional and you are amazing at your job. 

You are always available if I need to talk with you about work or personal life. 

You’re a good listener and give good advice. You are caring and empathetic towards your colleagues as well as those you care for, you always put the needs to the residents first and if we need help you help us without hesitation. 

I admire your work ethic, you make going to work fun!